Archiving Using a Predefined Process

Using the DTF initialization parameter STAT.SWITCH.SUBMIT, you can specify that when the DTF switches from one statistics file pair to another, IBM® Connect:Direct® submits a predefined Process to archive the records in the previously active ESDS. IBM Connect:Direct submits this archive Process with a symbolic parameter indicating the data set name of the ESDS of the pair.

  • The Process can then use IBM Connect:Direct to copy the data to another location. A sample archive Process, DGAPSTAT, is in the $CD.SDGAPROC distribution library.
  • Alternatively, the Process can submit a batch job to archive the data using IDCAMS REPRO, or some other utility. Use the DGADTSUB utility to substitute the file data set name into the submitted job stream. You can invoke DGADTSUB through the RUN TASK statement. A sample archive Process, DGAPSTRJ, that submits a batch job using DGADTSUB.