Adding a Run Task Statement

You can run programs and commands by adding the Run Task statement to a Process. The Run Task statement executes programs on the PNODE or the SNODE.

To add a Run Task statement:

  1. Open a Process file.
  2. Select Process > Insert > Run Task.
  3. To identify the step within the Process, type a label of up to 8 alphanumeric characters in Run Task Statement Label.
  4. Select the node where the program or command will execute in the Submit To field.
  5. Type one of the following, based on the node type, in the Program field:
    • Type Windows for a Microsoft Windows node.
    • Type UNIX for a UNIX node.
    • For OS/400, type cmd(CL command) [parameter for OS/400 SBMJOB command] .
    • For z/OS, type the name of the program to be attached as a subtask in uppercase letters.
    • For HP NonStop, type the name of the object file.
  6. Use the Optional Parameters or Commands as necessary, for the operating system you selected in Step 5. Refer to the Help for syntax.
  7. Click the Comment tab and add a description of the command. This information is optional.
  8. Click OK.