Status Alert Screen

If you attempt to use the CICS® Interface without first signing on to CICS, you see the Connect:Direct® STATUS ALERT screen.

The STATUS ALERT MESSAGE displayed near the center of the screen indicates a failure of your SIGNON attempt. If you encounter this screen, press PF3 to go to a blank screen with the message DGA TRANSACTION ENDED in the upper left corner. At this point, sign on to CICS and then type in the DGA transaction, followed by Enter to go to the PRIMARY MENU.

If the signon transaction at your site is defined with CICS security or with RACF®, CA-ACF2, or CA-TOP SECRET security, messages are displayed from the appropriate security facilities instead of the STATUS ALERT screen messages.

If the CICS Interface is not active, the STATUS ALERT screen is displayed with a message indicating that the interface is not active. In this case, you must activate the CICS Interface using the DGAA transaction. In addition, if your node is not active to the CICS Interface, either through the interface or through the node, you cannot sign on to that node. Ask your administrator to activate your session, your interface, or your node. See the IBM® Connect:Direct for z/OS® Administration Guide.