Silent install for Connect:Direct Web Services

Connect:Direct Web Services administrators can use procedures defined in the following sections to run an unattended install with minimal user interaction. Silent installs can be used for repetitive installs in your deployment.

A Silent install is implemented in two steps:
  1. Supply values in the file included in software package, Fix Pack 3 (v6.0.0.3) and above. file defines the installation configuration that you would normally enter during an interactive installation process (console-mode installation). The file is subsequently used to silently install Connect:Direct Web Services.

    Before you begin

    The following Connect:Direct Web Services minimum version levels are required to perform silent installation:

    Table 1.
    Product Minimum Version

    IBM Connect:Direct Web Services

    Fix Pack 3 (v6.0.0.3)

  2. Execute the installer to trigger silent installation in a UNIX/Windows environment.
    To install in a Windows environment, execute the MFTWebservices.bat file available in the download folder.

    Error Handling during Silent Install

    If you encounter problems during silent installation, review the log file (failure.txt) available in the same directory where you have installed the software.