Security Exits

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides the following security exits:

  • Stage 1 signon security exit
  • Stage 2 security exit
  • Run Job security exit
  • Run Task security exit

The IBM Connect:Direct sample library provides the following security exit routines for use with CA-ACF2, IBM RACF, and CA-TOP SECRET. The High-Level Assembler is required to assemble the sample security exits.

Exit Description
DGACXSIG Stage 1 signon security exit interface
DGAXACRJ RUN JOB security exit
DGAXACFT RUN TASK security exit
DGAXRACJ RUN JOB security exit for SAF or IBM RACF
DGAMGSAF Security Exit Stage 2
DGAXSAFT RUN TASK security interface

The DGA$SAFW macro in $CD.SDGAMAC provides maps of the security and interface work area used by the security exits. This area allows for information that can be passed between the exits. IBM Connect:Direct has two major processing flows that invoke security exits, the SIGNON command sequence and the Process execution sequence. This section describes how security exits are invoked during these two Processes.