Retrieve a File from a B2B Integrator Mailbox to Connect:Direct for HP NonStop

In this example, the PNODE is a Connect:Direct® for HP NonStop server retrieving a file from the SNODE, which is, in this case, a B2B Integrator-Connect:Direct Server Adapter named CDSA_NODE. The source file (orders) is copied from the DailyTransactions mailbox on B2B Integrator. The destination file to be created on the IBM® Connect:Direct server is $B.smith.datafile.

cdsa4  process      snode=CDSA_NODE snodeid=(user,user1)
step1  copy  from  (file='/mailbox/DailyTransactions/orders '  -
                    snode)                                     -
             to    (file=$B.smith.datafile                     -
                    pnode                                      -
                    disp=(RPL, ,DELETE))                       -