Retrieve a File from a B2B Integrator Business Process to Connect:Direct for z/OS

In this example, the PNODE is a Connect:Direct® for z/OS® server (CD.ZOS.PROD) retrieving a file from the SNODE, which is, in this case, a B2B Integrator-Connect:Direct Server Adapter named MAIN_CDSA. The source file (outbound.billing) is copied from the primary document of the TransferBilling business process.The destination file to be created on the IBM® Connect:Direct server is called BILLING.DAT.

SENDBILL  PROCESS      SNODE=MAIN_CDSA                                         -
                       SNODEID=(myUserID,myPassword)                           -
STEP1     COPY  FROM  (FILE=/businessprocess/TransferBilling/outbound.billing  -
                       SNODE )                                                 -
                TO    (DSN=BILLING.DAT                                         -
                       PNODE                                                   -