Remote node connection record

The rnode.listen record contains parameters used by the local node to monitor inbound connection requests.

You can modify the IP address and port number in the rnode.listen record while the server is running. However, you must recycle the server before the change is active. The following table describes the remote node connection parameters:

Parameter Description Values Restart Required
recid A unique identifier of an rnode.listen record. A text string Yes The information needed to monitor connection requests from remote nodes using TCP/IP or LU6.2. This parameter is required.
  • For TCP/IP connections, specify the host name or the IP address and port number. If specifying an IP address and port, separate parameters with a semicolon (;). Separate multiple addresses/host names with a comma, for example:;1364, fe00:0:0:2014::7;1364, msdallas-dt;1364

    For more information on specifying IP addresses and host names, see IP Addresses, Host Names, and Ports.

For TCP/IP connections, specify the host name or the IP address and port number:;1364

Separate multiple IP/host addresses with a comma (,):

fe00:0:0:2014::7;1364, msdallas-dt;1364

A space can be added after the comma for readability.

Set the IP address to monitor a specific adapter or to, to monitor all adapters.

The default port is 1364.

For LU6.2 connections, specify a profile name, up to 8 characters.

comm.transport The transport protocol for the remote node. tcp | lu62 | blklu62

tcp—For TCP/IP connections

blklu62—For other LU6.2 connections