Update the Sterling External Authentication Server Record

The update seaserver command configures properties for Sterling External Authentication Server (SEAS) in the .SEAServer record that is created at installation. The command has the following parameters:

Command Parameter Values
update seaserver Protocol=Specifies a comma delimited list of Protocols to use in the .SEAServer record. Disable | SSL,TLS,TLS1.1,TLS 1.2 | DefaultToLN

(See Display Protocols)

  SeaHost=External authentication host name defined in SEAS. host name | null

null—Clears any existing values from the node definition

  AuthTimeout=Specifies the maximum time, in seconds, that the system waits to receive the Connect:Direct® control blocks exchanged during the Connect:Direct authentication process. 0–3600

The default is 120 seconds.

  SeaPort=External authentication server port number (listening) defined in SEAS. port number | 61366