PROCESS Statement Parameter

To specify a UDT connection not defined in the network map, you can add the value, UDT33NAM, to the SNODE parameter of the PROCESS statement.

In the example below, The CSDPERF.TESTFILE data set is being copied to the SNODE via a UDT connection, which specifies to use the IPv4 address of along with a port value of 1363.

STEP01  COPY    FROM( PNODE                          -
                  DSN=CSDPERF.TESTFILE               -
                  DISP=SHR )                         -
                TO( SNODE                            -
                  DSN=CSDPERF.TESTFILE.OUTPUT        -

For a complete description of the SNODE parameter and how to use it in the PROCESS statement, see the Connect:Direct Process Language help.