DGADCHLA Return Codes

Return codes reflect the status of the DGADCHLA communications with the API. These codes only reflect whether DGADCHLA could process the request and pass the command to the DTF. They do not reflect the completion status of the command.

The following table defines each return code.

RC Description
00000000 The command executed normally.
00000004 Signon to the master session failed, but the ESF environment is established.
00000008 A non-ESF command attempted in an ESF environment.
0000000C A session is lost in a multiple session environment.
00000010 The master session is lost.
00000014 The master session signed off successfully.
00000018 The master session signon failed, and no ESF ability exists.
0000001C A non-master signon failed.
00000020 DGADCHLA received an invalid number of input parameters.
00000024 The output specifications included an invalid parameter.
00000028 An invalid pointer to the UICB is passed to DGADCHLA.
00000034 MAXDELAY=0 Process never executed and was removed from the Process queue.

For more information on master sessions and multiple session environments, refer to Signing On to Connect:Direct® for z/OS®.