Understanding the TCQ

After you submit Connect:Direct® Processes, they are stored in the TCQ.

The TCQ controls Connect:Direct Process execution. As sessions are available, the TCQ releases Processes to begin execution according to the scheduling parameter values and the class and priority of each Process. Use the Process Monitor to manage and view the status of submitted Processes.

TCQ at Server Startup

The initialization parameter tcq.start determines what the TCQ does with existing Processes. The default value is tcq.start=w (warm start), which specifies that all existing Processes in the TCQ are retained. A warm start restarts any Processes submitted with the Process statement parameter retain=initial as well as any Process that was executing in the TCQ when the server was brought down. You can change the parameter to tcq.start=c (cold start) to delete all existing Processes in the TCQ when the server restarts.