Statistics Report Output

Each line in the Statistics report represents a statistics record. The following information is displayed for each record type.

Field Description
Log Date/Time The date and time the statistics record was created.

The record category.

CAEV—Specifies that the record is related to an event, such as a Connect:Direct® shutdown.

CAPR—Specifies that the record is related to a Process.

Rec ID The type of statistics records, such as Copy Termination records or Connect:Direct initialization event records.

Some of the most common Rec ID (Identifiers) are listed below. Other Rec IDs are typically derived from the first 4 letters of a message ID. The message text will provide the necessary details.

Record ID Category Description
CMOT Event Client manager comm termination
CSPA Process Secure+
CSPE Event Strong Password Encryption
CTRC Process Copy Termination Record
FMSD, FMRV Process FMH sent / received
IFED, RJED, RTED, SBED, PSED Process Step ended for IF / RUN TASK / RUN JOB / SUBMIT / other
LSMG Process Session Manager
LSST, RSST Process Local / remote step started
NUIC, NUIS Event Server Startup
NUTR, NUT1, NUT2, NUTC, NUIS Event Server Shutdown
PMIP, PMST, PMED Event Process manager initializing / started / ended
PMMX Event TCQ max age processing
PSTR, PRED, PERR, PRIN, PFLS, PSAV Event Process started / ended / error / interrupted / flushed / saved
QCxx Event TCQ change (xx typically identifies the new queue)
SCNT Event Concurrent session count
SLFA, CHFA, DLFA, AUPR Event Select / change / delete functional authorities
SLIP, IPPR, RFIP Event Select / update initparms
SLNM, CHNM, NMPR Event Select / change netmap
SLPX, CHPX, DLPX Event Select / change/ delete proxy
SMIN, SMED Event Session manager initialized / ended
SRSP, STRS Event Select process / statistics response
SSTR, SEND, SERR Event Session started / ended / error
STOP Event Shutdown command
SUBP, CHCG, DELP Process Submit / change / delete process
TRON, TROFF Event Trace on / off
USEC Process User security

Other fields displayed depend on the record type.

You can accomplish the following tasks through this display:
  • To redefine the selection criteria, click the Criteria button.
  • To see the detail fields associated with the Process, double-click on the Process summary line.
  • To change the size of a field in your display, point the mouse at the boundary edge of the heading of the field you want to change. While holding down the mouse button, move the mouse horizontally until the width of the field is as desired.
  • To change the width of a row, move the cursor to the line between any of the line numbers. While holding down the mouse button, move the mouse vertically until the width of the row is as desired.
  • To change the order of the fields in the display, select the heading of the field you want to move, press SHIFT, point the mouse at the heading, and drag and drop the column to its new location. You can move any column.

After you close the reformatted display, that format becomes the default format.