DGADBATC Parm Options

Three DGADBATC PARM options activate and control the MAXDELAY RESTART. These values are represented as Y or N values in positions nine, ten and eleven of the PARM string.

Parameter nine enables or disables the MAXDELAY RESTART. To enable MAXDELAY RESTART and shift the MAXDELAY processing to the API, set this parameter to Y. The default for this parameter is N, causing the MAXDELAY, as described above, to be used.

Parameter ten allows the API to display to DMPRINT, a process progress report from the Select Process commands used to monitor the process. To enable this progress report, set this parameter to Y. The default for this parameter is N.

Important: Setting the tenth parameter to Y may produce additional output to DMPRINT for long running MAXDELAY processes. You may want to consider utilizing other facilities, such as the IUI or IBM Control Center to monitor the progress of the process.

Parameter eleven provides control over the remaining commands within SYSIN in the event that a SUBMIT with MAXDELAY terminates with a non-zero return code. When specified as Y, this parameter forces an EOF or EOJ of the API without attempting to execute the remaining commands in SYSIN. This value defaults to N.

For example, if the SYSIN has 100 SUBMIT commands using MAXDELAY and the second submit fails with a non-zero return, with parameter eleven specified as Y the remaining 98 submit commands will not execute.
"yyllyyyy" are the old 8 parameters and YNN represent the new parameters. For more information about parameter options, see DGADBATC EXEC parameters