Changing Process Notification

To change the Process notification setup:

  1. Validate that the Connect:Direct® service has been stopped by selecting Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and making sure the Connect:Direct service is stopped. If not, select the service and click Action > Stop.
  2. Click Start > Programs > IBM Connect:Direct > v6.0 > CD Change Notification Utility.
  3. In the Node Name field, type or select the local node to configure. The current notification for the node is displayed in the Transport field.
  4. NT Broadcast is the default setting for the notification methods. If want to use SMTP as the notification method, select SMTP in the Transport field and type the following information in the fields provided:
    • Host Address—SMTP server address, as the DNS name or IP address.
    • Host Port—Port to connect to the SMTP server. Default=25.
    • Sender—e-mail address uses for the sender.
    • Turn on Authentication to enable it. Provide a user ID and password to sign on to the SMTP server.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click OK.