IP Addresses

Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows accepts both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Wherever an IP address is specified in Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, you can use either IPv4 or an IPv6 addresses.

IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 supports 232 addresses written as 4 groups of dot-separated 3 decimal numbers (0 through 9), for example,


IPv6 supports 2128 addresses written as 8 groups of colon-separated 4 hexadecimal digits, for example, 1001:0dc8:0:0:0:ff10:143e:57ab. The following guidelines apply to IPv6 addresses:
  • If a four-digit group contains zeros (0000), the zeros may be omitted and replaced with two colons (::), for example:
    can be shortened as
  • Any number of successive 0000 groups may be replaced with two colons (::), but only one set of double colons (::) can be used in an address. For example:
    can be shortened as:
  • Leading zeros in a four-zero group can be left out (0000 can be shortened to 0). For example:
    can be shortened as:
  • You can write a sequence of 4 bytes that occur at the end of an IPv6 address in decimal format using dots as separators. For example:
    Can be written as:

This notation is useful for compatibility addresses.