This parameter specifies a destination IP address (or multiple addresses) and the source ports associated with the destination addresses to use when making UDT connections. The values in this parameter are loaded into a table that IBM® Connect:Direct® uses to find a match when establishing a session.

The syntax for this parameter is as follows:

UDP.SRC.PORTS = (ip.address,port-ranges),(ip.address2,port1,port2), -  

Use a wildcard character [* or 0 (zero)] to define a destination IP address pattern. The wildcards must be in the least significant positions.

Specify the range of source ports from lowest port number to highest port number order. For example, 1025–2000 is valid, whereas 2000–1025 is invalid. The source port numbers must be between 1025–65535, inclusive.

Note: The number of source ports defined must be sufficient to handle the number of concurrent IBM Connect:Direct sessions. If not, performance can be severely affected.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO