TCP.API.LISTEN = ((addr , port) , (addrn , portn))

Use this parameter to define up to eight different address and port combinations for each server for incoming connection requests.

The TCP.API.LISTEN parameter allows for a list of IP address and port number combinations to support multiple addresses, including IPv6.

For each server in a IBM® Connect:Direct® Plex environment, override the global initialization parameter by specifying the TCP.API.LISTEN parameter in that server's local initialization parameters. The first address defined in the parameter becomes the local or default address.

There is no default for TCP.API.LISTEN if the parameter is not specified. If the parameter is specified with an address only, the port can default. The default port for TCP.API.LISTEN is 1363.

The syntax for the TCP.API LISTEN parameter is similar to the following example:

TCP.API.LISTEN = ( (addr1 , port1) , (addrn , portn) )

In the example, addr1 through addrn is specified as either the word ANYADDR or ANYADDR6, a TCP hostname or a specific IP address. Also, port1 through portn is specified as a single port number. The following example demonstrates this specification:

TCP.API.LISTEN =(MVSA , 1363)                /* establish single API listen
Value Description
ANYADDR6 When you specify ANYADDR6, 0::0 or (::), both IPv4 and IPv6 connection requests are accepted through this listen. To define a single listen task to accept IPv4 and IPv6 requests, specify the TCP.API.LISTEN parameter as follows.


Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO