STAT.SWITCH.SUBMIT = dsn [member]

This parameter enables a site to name a sequential data set or a member of a PDS that contains a Process to be submitted at statistics file pair switch time. Use this feature to submit a Process that archives the statistics file pair that has just filled. Alternatively, the Process can submit a batch job which in turn archives the statistics records.

Note: The STAT.SWITCH.SUBMIT parameter is identical in format to the DSN parameter of the IBM® Connect:Direct® SUBMIT statement. See the Connect:Direct Process Language help for information on the SUBMIT statement.

If you code the STAT.ARCH.CONFIRM parameter as YES, then also specify the STAT.SWITCH.SUBMIT parameter.

IBM Connect:Direct internally generates a SUBMIT command to submit the Process, and specifies a single symbolic parameter, &EDSN. The symbolic parameter &EDSN specifies the data set name of the entry sequenced cluster just filled. Therefore, the DTF supplies to the archive Process the name of the ESDS cluster to archive.

You can make archived statistics records available to the SELECT STATISTICS command by copying them to a VSAM entry sequenced cluster, and then use the DGADBKEY utility to recreate the associated index information in a VSAM key sequenced cluster.

No default exists for this parameter.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO