Statistics Parameters

The Connect:Direct® statistics facility logs information about Connect:Direct operations. The statistics information parameters define the characteristics of the statistics facility, such as the maximum age of a statistics record.

The following table identifies the statistics information parameters.

Parameter Name Description Valid Values


How many days to store statistics before automatically deleting them. If you set this value to zero, no statistics records are deleted.

A numeric value from 0 to 365. The default is 7 days.

Specifies whether Connect:Direct logs the select process and select statistics commands to the statistics file. This specification does not affect the logging of other Connect:Direct commands.

Y | N

The default is N.


Determines whether statistics are sorted by timestamp date.

Y | N

The default is Y.


Specifies whether Connect:Direct logs all commands issued from Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows to the statistics file. This capability enables you to review the statistics file and determine who issued specific commands and what the responses to those commands were. You can override this parameter for the commands that select Processes and statistics with the parameter.

Y | N

The default is Y.