SESSION.HIGHWATER.SMF = (133 | 128-255, 1-60) | NO

This parameter determines the SMF record type number and the recording interval for High Water Mark records. For License permitting the acceptable range is (133 | 128-255, 1-60). The default value is (133 , 60) where the second value is in minutes.
  • If the SMF record id of 133 is being used by other applications, you must specify a suitable record id with this initialization parameter. The value of NO is only valid for license versions X01 and X12. X09 and X11 licenses require the SESSION.HIGHWATER.SMF parameter.
  • If message SITA386E or SITA386W appears, it means the default or specified record type is being suppressed by SMF. Refer to D SMF, O display and look for NOTYPE sub parameter of the SYS parameter to see which records are being suppressed.