This parameter specifies whether or not IBM® Connect:Direct® holds Processes from execution.

Value Description
YES No DTF-to-DTF sessions are started, but you can establish interactive sessions. Any Process to be executed is placed in the WAIT queue. Refer to Suspending and Resuming Quiesce and Trace Settings for information on how to resume normal operations by setting SESSIONS to R (Resume) with the MODIFY command.
NO IBM Connect:Direct does not hold Processes from execution.

In a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment, this parameter applies to all IBM Connect:Direct/Servers.

Note: When you initialize IBM Connect:Direct for the first time with allocation to a TCQ created by DGADTQFX it is recommended that you specify YES for the QUIESCE parameter. After you delete any unwanted Processes from the TCQ, DTF activity can be resumed using the Modify command.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO