This parameter saves a PNODE Process to the PR queue and retains the completed Process for a period of time. Retaining a Process allows you to troubleshoot problems with a completed Process or with the use of symbolics.

Because a Process will be stored on the TCQ longer, increase the TCQ space before activating this parameter. (For more information on enlarging the TCQ, see Planning the Installation in IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® Configuration Guide.) A Process remains in the PR queue until you delete it using the DELETE command or it is removed when space is needed or based on the values defined in the MAX.AGE and MAX.AGE.TOD parameters. Use the TCQ.THRESHOLD parameter to identify when to delete Processes in the PR queue, to make space available for newly submitted Processes.

Changing the parameter to NO will not delete Processes from the PR queue. It will prevent more Processes from being added to the PR queue.

Value Description
YES After a PNODE Process is complete, it is moved to the PR queue to allow you to troubleshoot a problem with a Process or to view PNODE Processes that have executed.
NO Completed PNODE Processes will not be added to the PR queue. This is the default.

SNODE Processes cannot be moved to the PR queue.

The TCQ.THRESHOLD parameter is the auto-deletion threshold for the PR queue.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO