DEFAULT.PERMISS = (text_permissions | 644, binary_permissions | 755)

This parameter specifies the default file permissions for HFS files that are created by Connect:Direct®. If not specified, Connect:Direct defaults to 644 for text files and 755 for binary files.

To enable the permission setting for HFS files that use DEFAULT.PERMISS, set the UNIX System Services UMASK to 000 by using the runtime environment variable, _EDC_UMASK_DFLT. Otherwise, Connect:Direct uses a default UMASK of 022 that changes the write permissions for GROUP and OTHER.

To set the environment variable, define the _EDC_UMASK_DFLT=000 variable in a RECFM=VB type file and allocate the ENVIRON DD in the Connect:Direct startup JCL. For example: //ENVIRON DD DISP=SHR, DSN=$CD.ENVIRON(TZ).

Value Description
text_permissions Default file permissions for text files.
binary_permissions Default file permissions for binary files.

Permission values contain 3 digits. The first digit indicates the owner’s file permissions, the second digit indicates the owner’s group’s file permissions, and the third digit indicates the file permissions for all others. The following are permission values:

  • 0 - No file access is allowed
  • 1 - Execute access is allowed
  • 2 - Write access is allowed
  • 3 - Write and Execute access is allowed
  • 4 - Read access is allowed
  • 5 - Read and Execute access is allowed
  • 6 - Read and Write access is allowed
  • 7 - Read, Write, and Execute Access is allowed

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO