Contents of the initialization parameters file

The initialization parameters file resides in d_dir/ndm/cfg/cd_node/initparm.cfg, where d_dir is the destination directory where Connect:Direct® for UNIX is installed and cd_node is the node name.

The initialization parameters file contains records. Each record includes parameters to define the attributes of the record. The records are summarized as follows:

  • Parameters—Provide information including the name of the Connect:Direct for UNIX node; the location of Connect:Direct for UNIX, the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) service configuration file, and the shared work area for SNODE work files; the default Process priority; and whether commands with special characters are restricted in the run directory.
  • Remote node connection information—The rnode.listen record includes parameters to monitor inbound connections.
  • Transmission Control Queue (TCQ) information—The tcq record defines how long a Process is held in error before being deleted.
  • Global copy parameters—The copy.parms record defines default parameters used by the Copy operation including checkpoint parameters, file size limitations, translation table information, exception handling, CRC checking, file allocation retry parameters, and compression options.
  • Global run task parameters—The runtask.parms record defines a parameter to define the restart option.
  • Statistics file information—The stats record includes parameters to define default statistics file information including file size limitations, the type of information to write to the statistics file, and how long to maintain statistics files before archiving them.
  • Server authentication information—The authentication record parameters to authenticate the server.
  • User exit parameters—The user.exits record defines the programs used during a user exit procedure.
  • Firewall navigation information—The firewall.parms record defines the ports or range of ports to use for outbound sessions when a server operates behind a firewall.
  • AIX zFBA option—The zFBA parameter enhanced performance of large file transfers between z/OS and AIX.
  • Secure cdpmgr initialization—Used to sanitize inherited environment variables to prevent run task steps from depending on one or more of the inherited environment variables from working properly.
  • fsync.after.receive parameter—The fsync.after.receive parm allows the fsync function to be called when attempting to flush all data to disk before closing file.

Sample initialization parameters file

The following example shows how some of these parameters are specified:

# Miscellaneous Parameters



# TCQ information

# Global copy parameters.

# Global runtask parameters.

# Stat file info.

# Authenticator

# user exit information

# Remote CDU nodes

# Secure+ parameters
secure+:\ \