Connect:Direct for VM/ESA Run Task Statement

The RUN TASK statement attaches user programs, or subtasks, during Process execution. When a IBM® Connect:Direct® Process issues a RUN TASK statement, the IBM Connect:Direct Process waits until the subtask finishes before executing the next IBM Connect:Direct Process step.

The subtask can be attached at either the PNODE or SNODE.

You can pass a list of user parameters to the subtask from the RUN

TASK statement. The RUN TASK statistics log records the return code of the subtask, program name, parameter list, and dates and times for starting and completing the subtask.

The library containing the program used with the RUN TASK statement must be defined with a Group Control System (GCS) Global Loadlib command.

The following is the Connect:Direct for VM/ESA Run Task statement format. Refer to Sterling Connect:Direct for VM/ESA Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname RUN TASK (
    PARM=(parameter [,parameter,...])