Connect:Direct for VM/ESA Run Job Statement

The RUN JOB statement enables a file to be punched to a RDR of a specified virtual machine. This sends EXEC-type job streams and data to a service machine running a product such as VMBATCH or CMSBATCH in a format that those products can interpret and execute.

Specify the file name to be punched in the DSN keyword. Specify link information for access to the disk that contains the file to be sent, using the syntax rules for the LINK parameter on the VM/ESA COPY statement. Specify the target virtual machine ID name in the BATCHID keyword.

The service machine and the disk file to be punched must be on the same system on the PNODE or SNODE. Otherwise, you must perform a copy prior to the RUN JOB to move the disk file to the system where the service machine is located.

The data to be sent must be in a fixed format, 80-byte record file.

The following is the Connect:Direct® for VM/ESA Run Job statement format. Refer to Sterling Connect:Direct for VM/ESA Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname RUN JOB (
    DSN=`filename filetype'