Connect:Direct for OpenVMS Run Task Statement

The RUN TASK statement creates a detached OpenVMS process that executes one or more DCL commands or command procedures. The SYSOPTS parameter of the Connect:Direct® for OpenVMS RUN TASK statement identifies the operations that the operating system should perform.

When a IBM® Connect:Direct Process issues a RUN TASK statement, the IBM Connect:Direct Process waits until the OpenVMS process finishes before executing the next IBM Connect:Direct Process step.

You can submit a IBM Connect:Direct Process with a RUN TASK statement from either node.

The following is the Connect:Direct for OpenVMS Run Task statement format. Refer to Sterling Connect:Direct for OpenVMS Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname RUN TASK (PGM=VMS)
    SYSOPTS="[OUTPUT=`file specification']
    [CMD=`DCL command']