Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows Run Task Statement

The Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows run task statement calls external programs that run on the same system as Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows.

The new program runs as a separate Microsoft Windows process. The IBM® Connect:Direct Process waits for the completion of the command or program specified before continuing.

Note: Do not specify programs in the run task statement that cannot complete without user intervention. Unless you explicitly allow IBM Connect:Direct to interact with the desktop through the Control Panel's Services applet, you cannot provide input to the program and it will not complete execution.

The run task execution results in a return code which is the exit code for the program executed using run task.

Note: When using an external program executed by the IBM Connect:Direct run task statement, do not use a return code of 16 in the external program or the IBM Connect:Direct Process will fail.

The following is the Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows run task statement format. Refer to Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname run task pnode | snode




    restart(yes) | restart (no)