CDPLEX.PLEXCLASSES = (*,plexclass,…,plexclass)

This parameter specifies which PLEXCLASSes are supported by the IBM® Connect:Direct®/Server. You can restrict a IBM Connect:Direct/Server to run only jobs in the specified PLEXCLASSes. An asterisk (*) indicates that the IBM Connect:Direct/Server supports any Process that does not specify a PLEXCLASS or specifies a PLEXCLASS of ‘*’.

If you specify CDPLEX.PLEXCLASSES, you must explicitly specify ‘*’ as its value to run any Processes with a Plexclass of ‘*’ on that IBM Connect:Direct/Server.

The PLEXCLASS name is 1–8 characters long and up to 8 classes may be specified.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO