About IBM Connect:Direct Web Service

Web Services technology is widely gaining popularity and is increasingly used to provide access to business functions over the internet. Web Services enable external applications to be integrated more rapidly, easily, and with much reduced costs than ever before.

IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service targets transforming the Managed File Transfer market with a modern user experience and help your business by:

  • Reducing the operating cost
  • Deploying solutions rapidly
  • Opening up new opportunities by enabling easy integration with other Web service-based applications
IBM Connect:Direct Web Service extends a Web-based User Interface (Web Console) and a RESTful API-based interface to Connect:Direct users.
  • Web Console

    The IBM® Connect:Direct Web console, or simply the Web Console, is your web interface to IBM Connect:Direct. It provides a single point of access to manage operational and administrative tasks necessary to monitor and control Connect:Direct processes. To access the Web console, install Connect:Direct Web Services on your preferred Operation System. For more information see, Installation and Configuration Worksheet.

  • RESTful API Interface

    The Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) is useful when you want to integrate IBM® Connect:Direct Web Services with other solutions or develop custom applications by using the RESTful APIs.