Customize Translation Tables

You can create and update the translation tables through a preprocessor that takes simple batch input in a predefined format and creates output compatible with the assembler. You can then assemble and link-edit the output to produce a translation table you can load.

Input to the batch preprocessor consists of six main parameters and the END parameter. All input begins in column one. The following table defines the batch preprocessor parameters.

Parameter Required Default Format Definition
NAME No XLATE 8 characters Table name information
TITLE No DBCS TRANSLATION TABLE 60 characters Table title information
DEFAULT No 0000 2 byte hex representation Default translation character
RULES No 80-FF 2 byte hex representation Language rules
SBCS No Standard 2 byte hex representation Single-byte character set translation table
DBCS Yes None 4 byte hex representation Double-byte character set translation table
END Yes None   Terminates DBCS, SBCS, and RULES parameters