Editing a Work List in Text Format

You can edit the text of a Work List to change command statements.

Editing the text of a Work List is a task for experienced users.

To edit a work list in text format:

  1. Open the Work List that you want to edit.
  2. Select Work List > Edit/View Text.
  3. Edit the text as necessary using the following keyword and syntax rules. The Work List Edit/View Text window enables you to see the full text of all tasks in a Work List. You can edit the text directly if necessary. Put a keyword on a line by itself.
    Keyword Description


    Work Task List


    Ad Hoc Process Task

    Submit File=

    Submit Process Task


    Local Program Task

    The following table lists the syntax types and restrictions:

    Syntax Type Restrictions

    Work List Task Syntax

    Must have the SET keyword

    May have AutoMonitor and Serial Execution

    May have variables

    Local Program Task Syntax

    Must have the RUN keyword

    Must have the FILE keyword

    Must have arguments or a working directory

    Submit File Task Syntax

    A Submit File task must have SUBMIT FILE= followed by the file name

    Submit Run Task Syntax

    Must have PEND at the end of the Run Task command

  4. Close the window. The program displays a message asking if you want to save your work.
  5. Click Yes. Your Work List is validated and saved. Any errors found during validation are displayed at the bottom of your screen.