Using Branch Commands

Branch commands enable you to navigate quickly to a specific screen without returning to the Menu. You can type the branch command on the command line at the top of the screen (CMD==>) or on any input line preceded by ==>. To execute the branch, type = followed by the ID of the screen you want to branch to and press Enter.

For example, to go to the Select Process (SP) screen, type =SP on the command line and press Enter.

Note: The equal sign (=) is not required before an option on the command line of the Signon screen or the Primary Options Menu.

The following table describes two additional branch commands that you can use.

Command Description

where xx is the screen ID

Enables you to move to an administrative screen from a primary screen. For example, to branch from the WHO screen (which is an option of the Primary Menu) to the INQ screen (which is an option of the Administrative Menu), type =ADMIN.INQ at the command line of the WHO screen.

where x is the SPF option that you want to display

The SPF option on the Primary Options Menu branches to the ISPF/PDF session, one level beneath the IBM® Connect:Direct® panels. If you want to bypass the ISPF/PDF menu, type the SPF command with a period and the option. For example, to use the BROWSE function within ISPF/PDF, type SPF.1 on the command line. The SPF command is valid on each IBM Connect:Direct screen command line.