Monitor Transaction

In addition to these operating system subtasks, a CICS® monitor transaction is created to accept input from the user interface, pass it to the CST, and route the output to the appropriate user. This transaction is also responsible for detecting a loss of the CST subtask due to an error condition and performing a restart. The monitor transaction is activated at the CICS Interface startup and remains in the system for the life of the online region. Monitor activities include the following:

  • Restarting the interface in case of an ABEND
  • Watching for DTF requests which are taking too long
  • Forcing retry of requests still in the queue
  • Forcing retry of DTF node session establishment
  • Attempting to switch from ESF to primary (DTF connected) mode
  • Clearing non-terminal signon table entries, at end of transaction
  • Clearing signon table entries in case of ABENDs