Activate the CICS Component - Optional

Activation of the CICS® Component of Connect:Direct® for z/OS® requires additional items to be updated. An overview is presented followed by a task checklist.

CICS Customization Overview

To run the CICS Component, IBM® Connect:Direct contains code that runs as an exit in CICS/TS to handle the data movement between CICS and IBM Connect:Direct. To perform the install, several transactions must be defined. These transactions are in the RDO source provided. The default transaction codes start with "DGA".

The interface between CICS and IBM Connect:Direct can start up during the CICS start, or it may be manually activated after CICS is running. If you want the interface to start up automatically, you must modify the CICS PLTPI. If you want the interface to shut down automatically, you must customize the CICS PLTSD.

If you want to process Event Data within CICS, you must customize and install DGAQ247. If you need to customize DGAQ249 and DGAQM98, search for Using ESS with the CICS API. If you do not want to use them, you can remove these entries from DGACCSD.

DGAQ249 reads Event Records out of the TDQ. If you need to add logic to DGAQ249 to do more than just read some records, you must customize it. Otherwise, you can remove its entries from DGACCSD.

You must define a few files, including the CONFIG file, which is handled with a REXX exec.

The CICS component has a set of transaction codes that you can accept as they are, or you may set your own. The CICS component uses the following default transaction codes:

Transaction Code Description
DGA User Transaction
DGAA Administrator Transaction
DGAE Event Services
DGAI Initial Startup
DGAM API Monitor
DGAN User ESS Process Interface
DGAP Printer Driver Transaction
DGAT User Read/Process ESS

CICS Customization Checklist

  • Customize the RDO source.

    The members to be customized are located in $CD.SDGACNTL.

Member Description
DGACCSD RDO source containing the Transactions, Program, File, Mapset, TDQ, and List definitions
DGACBCKO RDO source to remove prior release(s)
DGACBACK RDO source to back out the 5.1 release
  • If you plan to migrate to this release from a prior release, review the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Release Notes® for migration instructions. See Build the CICS Configuration File through ISPF for the panels that the REXX will display.