Send to a B2B Integrator Business Process

To send to a B2B Integrator business process, use the following general syntax:

COPY FROM source file information
COPY TO   FILE=/businessprocess/yourBusinessProcess/yourDestinationFile

The following IBM® Connect:Direct® Process example copies yourSourceFile from your IBM Connect:Direct server to the B2B Integrator-Connect:Direct Server Adapter, which invokes your business process. The SNODEID, yourUserID, is your B2B Integrator User ID.

                FROM  (
                TO    (

There are three parts to the destination FILE name in this Copy step:

  • /businessprocess/ is a reserved word and signals to B2B Integrator that you are copying to a business process.
  • yourBusinessProcess is the name of the B2B Integrator business process that the Connect:Direct Server Adapter invokes.
  • yourDestinationFile is the name of the document that is passed to the business process by the Connect:Direct Server Adapter. This document becomes the Primary Document in the yourBusinessProcess business process. The primary document is the document that the services in a business process act on or in relation to; this is usually the document passed to a business process by the initiating Adapter.

After you submit your IBM Connect:Direct Process, you can use both IBM Connect:Direct and B2B Integrator to monitor this process. See IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Interoperability at for more information.

For more IBM Connect:Direct Process examples, see B2B Integrator Connect:Direct Server Adapter Examples.