Run a Silent Installation

cdw_install.exe installs the Microsoft Installer, Visual C++ Runtime Libraries and other prerequisites on a system when they do not already exist. To complete the installation, cdw_install.exe reboots the system if required and resumes the installation after the computer has restarted.

cdw_install.exe can accept a limited number of command-line parameters.
  • You can pass parameters through cdw_install.exe to the included .msi file (MsiExec) by using the /v option. After you specify this option, list any supported parameters that can be passed to Msiexec.exe.
  • To prevent cdw_install.exe from displaying a progress bar when it launches, use the /s command-line parameter. For example, if you enter cdw_install.exe /s, cdw_install.exe launches, but the user interface is not displayed.
  • If you use the /v option and a command contains a text with a quotation mark within existing quotes, type a backslash (\) before the text. For example, the command line contains the following: /v"C:\My Files\SecurePlusEnable.mst\". Because the path contains spaces, you must use quotes. However, because quotes are required around the complete argument, failure to use a backslash before internal quotes causes the statement to fail.
  • Do not put a space between the command-line option (/v) and the arguments.
  • To define multiple parameters with the /v option, separate them with a space.

To attach to the network and install Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows features from the network location in a silent installation:

  1. Click Start > Run. The Run dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Open field of the Run dialog box, type a command similar to following example:
     cdw_install.exe /s /v/qn
    This command installs all Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows components including Connect:Direct Requester and Connect:Direct Secure Plus.
    Note: cdw_install.exe installs Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows in the default directory C:\Program Files\IBM\Connect Direct v[current version]. If you want to install Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows in a different directory, use the INSTALLDIR option on the command line. Enclose the pathname in quotes and terminate the path with a backslash, as in the following example:
    cdw_install.exe /v"INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\IBM\Connect Direct v[current version]\"" 
  3. Computers in a Microsoft Windows Domain that use Active Directory can also automate installations using the software installation extension of the Group Policy Snap-In.
    The Microsoft Windows installer uses an /M command line parameter to generate MIF files. In the following example, the CDNT.mif file is created to report success or failure:
    cdw_install.exe /s /v/qn /M C:\Windows\CDNT.mif