Copy a Tape File from z/OS to a Disk File on HP NonStop

This Process is submitted at the HP NonStop node to copy a tape file from the z/OS node to a disk file on the HP NonStop node. Because NL (no labels) is specified, DCB attributes must be specified to identify the file on the volume. SYSOPTS is used to specify file creation parameters specific to HP NonStop.

PROCESS1  PROCESS      PNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                             -
                       SNODEID=(RJONES,ROGER)                         -
STEP01    COPY  FROM  (DSN=RJONES.ACCTTAPE SNODE                      -
                       UNIT=REEL                                      -
                       VOL=SER=010196                                 -
                       LABEL=(,NL,,EXPDT=91044)                       -
                       DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=4096)  -
                       DISP=SHR)                                      -
                TO    (PNODE                                          -
                       DSN=$C.BILLPROC.ACCTDATA                       -
                       DISP=RPL                                       -
                       SYSOPTS=("SET TYPE U"                          -
                                "SET BLOCK 4096"                      -
                                "SET EXT (5,5)"))