Copy an HP NonStop Key-Sequenced File to a Connect:Direct for OpenVMS Node

This Process, submitted from the Connect:Direct® for HP NonStop node, copies a key-sequenced file to the Connect:Direct for OpenVMS node. When Processes are submitted from Connect:Direct for HP NonStop to Connect:Direct for OpenVMS nodes, OpenVMS file names must be in single quotation marks. Note that COMPRESS is coded between the FROM and TO clauses of the COPY statement.

SEND1   PROCESS      PNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                      -
STEP01  COPY  FROM  (PNODE FILE=$B.TESTF.KSDS                -
                     DISP=SHR)                               -
                     COMPRESS PRIMECHAR=C’*’                 -
              TO    (SNODE FILE=’[DUC4:-DATA.FILE]KSDS1.DAT’ -
                     DCB=(DSORG=KSDS                         -
                     LRECL=100                               -
                     KEYLEN=10                               -
                     RECFM=F)                                -