Copy a File from HP NonStop to z/OS After Running DMRTDYN on z/OS

In this Process, STEP1 will invoke DMRTDYN to delete and unallocate DATA1.SEQ.KSDSFILE at the SNODE. Then $B.FILETEST.KSDSFILE will be copied from the HP NonStop node to DATA1.SEQ.VSAMKSDS at the HP NonStop node.

VSAMKS  PROCESS     PNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                                -
STEP1   RUN TASK   (PGM=DMRTDYN,                                      -
                    PARM=(C’ALLOC DSN=DATA1.SEQ.KSDSFILE              -
                    DISP=(OLD,DELETE)’                                -
                          F’-1’                                       -
                          C"UNALLOC DSN=DATA1.SEQ.KSDSFILE")          -
STEP2   COPY FROM  (DSN=$B.FILETEST.KSDSFILE                          -
                    PNODE                                             -
                    DISP=SHR)                                         -
        TO         (DSN=DATA1.SEQ.VSAMKSDS                            -
                    DISP=NEW                                          -
                    SPACE=(2048,(2048,10))                            -