Copy a Code 0 Unstructured file from HP NonStop to z/OS

This Process copies an unstructured file to a z/OS node. Because an Enscribe unstructured file has no intrinsic record length, the DCB parameter is used on the FROM file specification to define the record length with which the file is read.

When an unstructured file is sent from an HP NonStop system, the default LRECL is the "buffersize" attribute of the file, unless overridden by the DCB parameter.

STEP1    COPY  FROM  (PNODE DISP=SHR            -
                      DSN=$WORK02.HPDATA.UNST1  -
                      DCB=(LRECL=100))          -
               TO    (SNODE DISP=NEW            -
                      DSN=DATA1.VSAME001.DATA   -
                      DCB=(DSORG=PS             -
                          ,RECFM=FB             -
                          ,LRECL=100            -
                          ,BLKSIZE=10000))      -