Copy Binary Files from HP NonStop (OSS) to UNIX

This Process illustrates how to ensure data integrity when copying between a IBM® Connect:Direct® HP NonStop (OSS) node and a UNIX node. The destination in STEP01 and source in STEP02 both have sysopts specified to denote a binary transfer.

OUOBIN     PROCESS   SNODE=qa160sun3600                           -
           SYMBOL    &FILE1='/home/qatest/input/ndmsrvr'
           SYMBOL    &FILE2='/export/home/users/qatest/tantest/binary'
           SYMBOL    &FILE3='/home/qatest/output/unix/binary'
RUNUNX     RUN TASK  (PGM="UNIX")    SNODE                        -
                      SYSOPTS=("rm -rf &FILE2")
STEP01     COPY TO   (DSN=&FILE2     SNODE                        -
                      DISP = RPL                                  -
                      SYSOPTS=":datatype=binary:")                -
           FROM      (DSN=&FILE1     PNODE                        -
                      DISP = SHR)
STEP02     COPY FROM (DSN=&FILE2     SNODE                        -
                      DISP = SHR                                  -
                      SYSOPTS=":datatype=binary:")                -
           TO        (DSN=&FILE3     PNODE                        -
                      DISP = RPL)