Maintaining the Type File

The Type file contains file attribute records. Each record is associated with a Type key. The key is used by the TYPE parameter in the COPY statement to create new files or access existing files.

The following example illustrates a Copy Process using the TYPE parameter.


The Type file serves two purposes:

  • Saves retyping parameters such as DCB, DISP, and SPACE within Processes for files with common attributes.
  • Facilitates the use of previously-defined attribute specifications of non-z/OS systems. This usage is especially useful for remote users who are not familiar with z/OS data set organizations and allocation parameters.

The Type key that is referenced in the TYPE= parameter must be in the Type file on the destination system, which is the system responsible for allocating the new file.

To maintain the Type file, use the INSERT TYPE, UPDATE TYPE, DELETE TYPE, and SELECT TYPE commands. Type these commands through the IUI, Batch or Operator interface.