Introduction to IBM Connect:Direct commands

Use IBM® Connect:Direct® commands to submit and manipulate Processes stored in the Transmission Control Queue (TCQ). For example, you can select, delete, and suspend Processes by using IBM Connect:Direct commands.

You can use either of the following two methods to issue commands:

Method Description
Batch Interface Enables you to issue IBM Connect:Direct commands with the DGADBATC program in a batch environment. See Introduction to the Batch Interface for more information about how to use the Batch Interface.
Interactive User Provides easy-to-use command entry through fill-in-the-blank screens. The Interactive User Interface (IUI) is an ISPF Dialog online interface. See Introduction to the Interactive User Interface (IUI), for more information on how to use the IUI.

Some command options which you can select through the IUI do not have a batch equivalent. The documentation notes these exceptions in option descriptions.