The Interactive User Interface (IUI)

Issue IBM® Connect:Direct® commands using the IUI through two menus.

Menu Description
The Primary Options Menu Enables you to invoke screens where you can create and submit Processes, view statistics about your Processes, control your Processes in the Transmission Control Queue (TCQ), view your IBM Connect:Direct environment, access the message file, sign on, swap nodes, and sign off IBM Connect:Direct. This option is available to all users, and is described in this book.
The Administrative Options Menu Enables the IBM Connect:Direct product administrator to perform maintenance to the Type file, the Authorization file, and the network map and to perform functions such as selecting and flushing tasks, initializing traces, typing native commands, displaying storage utilization, requesting traces, and stopping IBM Connect:Direct.
Note: You can also use the Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface to perform some of the procedures in this chapter.