Setting Up Connect:Direct for UNIX Manual Pages

The UNIX operating system organizes all Help into manual (man) pages.

  1. For syntax of a UNIX command, type the following where command is the UNIX command:
    % man command

    Most UNIX systems store online manual pages in /usr/man/man1. IBM® Connect:Direct® stores its manual pages in d_dir/ndm/man1,where d_dir is the IBM Connect:Direct installation directory.

  2. Type the following command to copy the IBM Connect:Direct manual pages into the UNIX manual pages directory:
    % cp d_dir/ndm/man1/*.1 /usr/man/man1

    You must have write privileges to the directory /usr/man/man1 to perform this command.

    You can also use symbolic links instead of copying the files. Refer to UNIX manual pages.

  3. Type the following command to access IBM Connect:Direct manual pages that you combined with UNIX manual pages, where command can be cdpmgr, ndmxlt, or ndmmsg:
    % man command