CICS Interface

The Customer Information Control System (CICS®) Interface provides a number of components that enable users and applications to access, control, and transfer data across networks. The major components:

Component Description
Interactive User Interface (IUI) Enables users to transfer files, initiate applications, and monitor activity in a user-friendly environment.
Application Program Interface (API) Enables the IUI and CICS Administration to communicate to the Data Transmission Facility (DTF) through the session manager. The API interprets the commands, but it is the responsibility of the session manager to establish communication sessions and perform standard session management functions.
Data Transmission Facility (DTF) Controls information distribution to other nodes in the network. In an IBM® IBM Connect:Direct®/Plex environment, the IBM Connect:Direct/Manager and IBM Connect:Direct/Servers form the DTF.
Extended Submit Feature (ESF) Mode Enables users to submit data for transmission even if the DTF is not active. IBM Connect:Direct requests sent to an inactive node are routed to the sending Transmission Control Queue (TCQ) until the inactive node is initiated.

Components of the CICS Interface

The IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® installation offers an optional selection to use the CICS interface. The following figure illustrates a CICS implementation.