Contents of the network map file

The network map contains connectivity information that describes the local node and the remote nodes in the network. One remote node information record is created for each node with which the local node communicates.

The network map file resides in d_dir/ndm/cfg/cd_node/netmap.cfg where d_dir is the location where IBM® Connect:Direct® is installed and cd_node is the node name.

If you are using TCP/IP, the local node can communicate with a remote node without a remote node information record. Specify the required connection information in the submit command or the Process statement.

Sample remote node records in a network map

The following sample shows network map remote node entries for a TCP/IP connection and a Sun LU6.2 connection to remote nodes. To insert comments about fields in the network map, be sure to place a # in the first column. If the # is not in the first column, the comment is not ignored and the field is read.

# Sample Network Map remote node entry for a TCP/IP connection
 # Sample Network Map remote node entry for a Sun LU6.2 connection
 # hostl1 is the profile name