Statistics Records

IBM® Connect:Direct® calls the statistics exit once for each statistics record generated in the DTF. The input to the exit is a pointer to the statistics record that is ready to be logged and a pointer to an SQCB. The record can be any record type. The exit must examine the record type identifier at a displacement of X'02' bytes from the beginning of the record to determine the record type and the DSECT that describes its contents.

Record Types

The following table lists the statistics record types, their corresponding record type identifiers, and the name of the assembler macro in $CD.SDGAMAC library that generates the DSECT describing the record contents. For information about selecting, displaying, and printing statistics information for IBM Connect:Direct activities, see IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® User Guide.

The statistics records in this section also apply to Event Services Support.

Record ID Description Macro
CE Copy I/O Start DGA$STEP
CH Change Process DGA$CPTR
CI Copy Step Start DGA$STEP
CS Statistics Command DGA$SCMD
CT Copy Termination DGA$CTR
CX Check Certificate Validity DGA$XCR
DC Directory Commands DGA$DTR
DP Delete Process DGA$DPTR
DT Select Task DGA$DTR
DU Delete User DGA$AER
EI Event Services Start Command DGA$EVR
ET Event Services Stop Command DGA$EVR
EV Event Services Command DGA$EVR
FI Long File Name Record DGA$FIR
FP Flush Process DGA$FPTR
FS Suspend Process DGA$FPTR
FT Flush Task DGA$DTR
GO Process Modal - GOTO, ELSE, or EXIT Statement DGA$MODL
H2 High Concurrent Session Count DGA$H2R
HW High Concurrent Session Count DGA$HWR
IA Inquire Statistics DGA$DTR
IB Inquire Debug DGA$DTR
IF Process Modal - IF Statement DGA$MODL
IK Inquire APKey File DGA$DTR
IP Inquire Initialization parameters DGA$DTR
IT Inquire SNMP Trap Table DGA$DTR
IU Insert User DGA$AER
IX Inquire IBM Connect:Direct/Plex DGA$DTR
JI Run Job Start DGA$STEP
LF ICO Log File Record DGA$FRER
M2 Multiple Copy Record DGA$MCR
MC PDS Member Copy DGA$MCR
NL Process modal - EIF or PEND statement DGA$MODL
OP Operator Clist DGA$OPR
PE IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Error Record DGA$PER
PI Process Start DGA$PIR
PR Performance Measurement Record DGA$PRRB
PS Process Submit DGA$PSSR
PT Process Termination DGA$PTR
PX IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Activity (Leave or Join IBM Connect:Direct/Plex) DGA$PXR
QE Queue Change to EXEC Queue DGA$QCR
QH Queue Change to HOLD Queue DGA$QCR
QT Queue Change to TIMER Queue DGA$QCR
QW Queue Change to WAIT Queue DGA$QCR
RE ICO Report Record DGA$FRER
RF Refresh/Update initialization parameters DGA$AER
RO ICO Event Record DGA$OEVT
S2 Statistics Logging Statistics DGA$S2R
SB Session Begin DGA$SSCR
SE Session End DGA$SECR
SC Statistics Control Record DGA$SCR
SD Start IBM Connect:Direct DGA$SDC
SF Statistics Format DGA$SFRC
SN Select Netmap DGA$DTR
SO Signoff DGA$SFR
SP Select Process DGA$DTR
SS Select Statistics DGA$DTR
ST Stop IBM Connect:Direct DGA$STDC
SU Select User DGA$AER
SW Submit within a Process DGA$PSSR
TF TCQ Threshold Full DGA$TXR
TI Run Task Start DGA$STEP
TL TCQ Threshold Low DGA$TXR
TP Throughput Record Statistics DGA$TPR
TR Trap Event Record DGA$TRP
TS Suspend Task DGA$FPTR
TW TCQ Threshold Warning DGA$TXR
UM Update Network map DGA$AER
UU Update User DGA$AER
VP View Process DGA$DTR
WS Select Stat Command DGA$DTR
XO Trace On/Off DGA$XOR
ZI SNODE Process Start DGA$PIR
ZT SNODE Process Terminated DGA$PTR

Record Control Block Maps

The following table lists the statistics record control block maps.

Macro Name Description
DGA$AER Authorization Event Statistics Record
DGA$CPTR Change Process Statistics Record
DGA$CTR Copy Termination Statistics Record
DGA$DPTR Delete Process Statistics Record
DGA$DTR Display Termination Record
DGA$EVR Event Services Command Statistics Record
DGA$FAMS IGWFAMS (File and Attribute Management Services) Macro Statistics Record
DGA$FIR Long File Name Statistics Record
DGA$FPTR Flush and Suspend Process Statistics Record
DGA$FRER InterConnect Report Record containing text line from SYSPRINT (Record Type is RE)
DGA$FRER InterConnect Log File Records produced if LOG=YES is specified for ADD and EXTRACT operations (record type is LF)
DGA$FWTO WTO Statistics Record
DGA$H2R High Concurrent Session Count
DGA$HWR High Concurrent Session Count Statistics Record
DGA$LSR Log Swap Statistics Record
DGA$MCR PDS Member Copy Record
DGA$OEVT InterConnect Report Event Record containing one record per report written (Record Type is RO)
DGA$OPR Operator Clist Record
DGA$PER XCF Error Message Statistics Record (from Sysplex)
DGA$PIR Process Initiation Statistics Record
DGA$PRRB Performance Measurement Statistics Record
DGA$PSSR Submit Process Statistics Record
DGA$PTR Process Termination Record
DGA$PXR Sysplex (IBM Connect:Direct /Plex) Statistics Record
DGA$QCR Process Queue Change Statistics Record
DGA$RJCB Run Job exit
DGA$RJTR Run Job Termination Record
DGA$RTTR Run Task Termination Record
DGA$S2R Statistics Logging Record
DGA$SCMD Statistics Command Record
DGA$SCR Statistics ESDS Control Record
DGA$SDC Start IBM Connect:Direct Statistics Record
DGA$SFR Signon/Signoff Statistics Record
DGA$SFRC Statistics Format Record
DGA$SGNB Connect:Direct Secure Plus Statistics Record
DGA$SSCR Session Begin Record
DGA$SECR Session End Record
DGA$STDC Stop IBM Connect:Direct Statistics Record
DGA$STEP Step Start/Copy Start Statistics Record
DGA$TPR Throughput Record Statistics
DGA$TQIF If Statement
DGA$TRP Trap Event Record
DGA$TXR TCQ Threshold Warning

TCQ Threshold Full

TCQ Threshold Low

DGA$WRP Statistics File Wrap Record
DGA$XOR TRACE On/Off Statistics Record